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About Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm

Last updated:2015-03-08 09:54:39

Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm is a recreational agriculture area operated with dedication by the Tainan City Farmers’ Association; it is also a recreational/vacation center along Provincial Highway 84 recognized by the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications. This Farm is surrounded on three sides by the Zengwun River’s middle and lower reaches, and encircled by Wushan Ridge of the Alishan Mountains, forming a paradisical natural habitat. The Farm has a vast space of 120 hectares, including 40 hectares of New Zealand Ranch Prairie; it is so magnificent that no other place in Taiwan can match it. Everywhere you look is green pasture and forest. A study found that this Farm has more than 150 species of wild animals, including several protected species.

About 400 years ago this Farm used to be the home of one of the aboriginal tribes of the Sirayan; it is now the core of tourism development surrounded by the Zengwun Reservoir, Wushantou Reservoir, Hutoupei, Nanhua Reservoir, Yushan National Park, and the scenic Southern Cross-Island Provincial Highway. In recent years, the Farms has also adopted recreational farming, experience farming, agricultural festival, and leisure activities, bringing the values of recreational agriculture to their peak.

Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm is a multi-function, full-accommodation travel destination, a paradise for all seasons ideal for individual or group itineraries, one-night or an extended stay, and one-stop or multi-stop. Its reputation is on the rise domestically and internationally and favorable comments and guests are increasing every day. It offers a relaxed and joyful stay for all occasions, whether conference, training, or group leisure activities.