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Accommodation and Restaurant

Last updated:2015-11-19 13:34:22

Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm is one of the officially recognized resort and recreation sites along Provincial Highway No.3 by the Tourism Bureau in Taiwan. The lodging facilities in the Farm are designed with varying styles, including the Orchid Villa, Resort Cabins, Pastoral Villa, and European-style Villa, which in total can accommodate up to 900 people. Plan your trip to Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm now and enjoy a relaxing vacation of sunshine and pastoral beauty.

Please call. 06-5760121#1 . For reservations

The prices are applicable starting from 2015.

Orchid Hall
      Room Type Rate 設備
Double Room NT 5,800 dollars Double bed x1 /
Single bed x2
Deluxe Family Room NT 6,800 dollars Double bed x2
Deluxe Double Suite NT 8,800 dollars Queen bed x1 (6*7)

Premier Double Suite

NT 10,000 dollars Queen bed x2 (6*7)
Europe-style Hotel
      Room Type Rate 設備
Family Room NT 4,000 dollars

Double bed x1

Single bed x2

Log Cabin
      Room Type Rate 設備
Double Room NT 3,000 dollars Double bed x2
Family Room NT 3,600 dollars Single bed x4

Please note

  1. Advance deposits should be paid within one week of reservation (50% of the room rate. In cases of reservations for Chinese New Year Holidays and consecutive holidays, the advance deposits must be paid in full amount).
    Postal Giro:
    Account number: 30524244
    Account name: Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm of Tainan City Farmer’s Association
    Note: Please specify your check-in date in the reference column.
    Bank Transfer:
    Bank code: 618 (Yujing Farmers’ Association)
    Account number: 00243-2101-27530
    Note: Please fax the receipt to 06-5760282
  2. Unconfirmed bookings are reserved until 3 o’clock in the afternoon on the check-in day. Please make sure to confirm your reservations.
  3. Check-in: after 3 p.m.; check-out: before 11 a.m. of the next day.
  4. Extra bed
    Orchid Villa: NT 700 dollars per person.
    European-style Villa: NT 600 dollars per person.
    Resort Cabins: NT 500 dollars per person.
  5. Short stay (less than 3 hours): NT 500 dollars (Double Room in Europe-style Hotel)
  6. Internet access is available in Orchid Hall, Cao-Yuan Villa and Europe-style Hotel.
  7. Admission tickets and breakfasts are included (breakfasts differ according to room types: traditional Chinese breakfast is included for guests in Resort Cabins; buffet breakfast is included for guests in Orchid Villa, Pastoral Villa, and European-style Villa).
  8. Recreation tickets: NT 200 dollars per ticket.

Cancellation fees

  1. Cancellations made before 21 to 30 days from check-in day: 10% of the room rate.
  2. Cancellations made before 11 to 20 days from check-in day: 20% of the room rate.
  3. Cancellations made before 4 to 10 days from check-in day: 30% of the room rate.
  4. Cancellations made before 1 to 3 days from check-in day: 70% of the room rate.
  5. Cancellations made on check-in day: 100% of the room rate.