• Welcome to Tsou Ma Lai Farm

A Guide to the Farm

Map of the Farm

Toll Booth at the Entrance Antique Farm Tools European-style Villa (Conference Room No.3)
Parking Lot Souvenirs Parking Lot (Villa Area)
Barbecue Area No.2 Theater Recreation Center for Farmers (Karaoke, Conference Room No.5)
Archery Field Dawulong Suspension Bridge Golf course / Café
Horse Field Siraya Pavilion Resort Cabins
Herbal Plants Farm Family Plaza Pastoral Villa
Zoo of Protected Animals Forest Recreation Area Orchid Villa (check-in counter)
Grazing Area Tian Mama Agricultural Products Shop Camping Area
Lion Forest Bumper Boat / Paddle Boat Parking Lot (Camping Area)
Conference Room No.6 Supermarket Industry Plaza
Tsou-Ma-Lai Agriculture Museum Water World (SPA) Barbecue Area No.1
Local Snacks Starry World & Tian Mama Herbal Restaurant Physical Training Field
Winery Bao’an Temple Parking Lot for Motorbikes
Bee Farm Shuttle Bus Pick-up Stop Exit
Round Plaza Agricultural Products Promotion Center (Conference Room No.1 & 2)    
Bike Rental Information and Service Center    
Grass Skating Field Grassland Restaurant